What is Kali Linux

Kali Linux is security auditing Linux distribution which is predicated on Debian GNU/Linux. Kali Linux is employed by Hackers, IT professionals and Pen Testers which they used for hacking, pen testing and security auditing.

Main difference between Kali Linux and Debian is that Kali Linux has lot of hacking and penetration testing tools which are pre-installed and pre-configured in Kali Linux. After installing Kali Linux, you’ll have access to many hacking or pen testing tools.

Kali Linux Features:

Kali Linux is a best platform for hacking
Linux based operating system
Light weight operating system
Easily run on smart devices

Uses of Kali Linux:

Kali Linux is mainly used for:

Information Gathering / Foot Printing
Ports Scanning
Vulnerability Analysis
Reverse Engineering
Wireless Attacks
Social Engineering

Kali Linux can be installed on numerous devices:

Laptops / Computers
ARM CPUs (Smartphones, Tablets)

Installation Options:

We can install and run Kali Linux using:

Bootable Live System
Install Kali Linux On a Real Machine (HardDisk)
In a Virtual Machine

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