Virtualization and Hacking

Virtualization is a way of creating a virtual version of your device, where your device’s resources are distributed to multiple execution environments. Virtualization can be done using different VirtualBox softwares such as Oracle VM VirtualBox and VMware Workstation. These virtualization softwares supports all the operating systems.

In Virtual Machine, you can install multiple operating systems in a single machine, where you can apply different Hacking Techniques. Having a lab for hackers or pen testers is necessary where they can test their code or attacks. For a lab, hackers need multiple computers with different operating systems and this can be done in a single machine where everything else is installed in a Virtual Machine. In VirtualBox, your computer can have any operating system such as Windows or Linux. VirtualBox allows to create multiple virtual computers inside your main computer. We can use virtual machine as a real physical machine. All the machines in virtual machine are isolated. Hacking a one virtual machine will not affect your main computer.

After the installation of VirtualBox , you will not see any virtual machines there, it will be empty. I will explain you how to install virtual machines in VirtualBox in later tutorials. Also download and install VirtualBox Extension Pack. It allows you to use USB devices on the virtual machines, so you can use USB mouse, USB wireless adapters and USB keyboard. For VirtualBox Extension Pack, there is only file which is same for all the operating systems.

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