Create Word List using Crunch for Cracking WiFi Paswords

WPA / WPA2 passwords can be cracked using the words list document. Word list is a big document that have large number of passwords and this document is used with the handshake to check that WPA / WPA2 password is valid or not. They are used to brute force WPA/WPA2 passwords or keys. There is a password cracking tool crunch which is used to create the word list document.

There are several ways to create your own word list document using Crunch for cracking the passwords.

Syntax: crunch [min] [max] [characters] -t [pattern] -o [FileName]

Crunch is the name of the tool used to create the passwords document or create a wordlist

  • [min] is the minimum number of characters for the password to be generated.
  • [max] is the maximum number of characters for the password to be generated.
  • [characters] specify the characters that you want to generate the password from such as all lowercase characters, uppercase characters, mixed of uppercase and lowercase, numbers etc.
  • -t [pattern] specify the pattern of the password such as a@@b, password starting from a and ending with b
  • -o [FileName] name of the filename, where passwords will be stored.

Method1: Pre-configured wordslist in Kali Linux

Kali Linux has built in wordslist documents. These wordslists are located at the following directory. There are many popular wordlists are in this directory such as rockyou.txt


Pre-configured Word Lists in Kali Linux

Method2: Generate a simple word list by specifying min and max characters only using Crunch

We are generating a simplest form of wordlist that contains minimum 4 letters and maximum 6 letters. And our wordlist will be saved in Wordlist1.txt file. This word list contains all the letters and numbers. The size of this wordlist is big, you can use short range for the smaller file.

crunch 4 6 -o Wordlist1.txt

Word Lists specifying minimum and maximum characters only using Crunch

Method3: Generate a word list by specifying the characters pattern using Crunch

In this Crunch command, we are also specifying the characters set, we want to specify the characters which will be used in this wordlist. We are only specifying these characters abcdefghijkl123 and wordlist is based on these characters and numbers only.

crunch 4 6 abcdefghikjkl123 -o Wordlist1.txt

Word Lists specifying characters patterns using Crunch

Method4: Words list that contains passwords starting with fixed letters using Crunch

In this crunch command, we have created a password list which have 8 characters and creates a password which is the combination of abcdef12345 and these passwords are starting with abc & generate all the possible combinations of 8 characters which are starting with abc. And we are storing these passwords in a file named PasswordList.txt

crunch 8 8 abcdef12345 -t abc@@@@@ -o PasswordList.txt

All Passwords are starting from abc using Crunch command

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