What is Hacking

Hacking is an unauthorized access to a system which they’re not alleged to access to like an access to an email account of somebody else is hacking of that account, access to any device of somebody else without his/her permission is hacking.

Hackers Types:

There are 3 sorts of hackers.

Black-Hat Hackers: These are bad people that have extra-ordinary computing skills. They hack system illegally for stealing money or try to do some illegal stuff. They use their skills for offensive purposes.

White-Hat Hackers: These are the great people and use an equivalent techniques which the Black-Hat Hackers use. They also hack the systems, but they only hack those systems which they need permissions to try to do so. They use their skills for defensive purposes and check the safety and security of systems.

Grey-Hat Hackers: They’re the combination of Black-Hat Hackers and White-Hat Hackers. They also hack systems illegally. But they don’t steal money or damage the system.

Why Hacking:

There are lot of job opportunities for ethical hackers. They test the safety of systems to form sure that these systems are secure and not susceptible to Black-Hat or Grey-Hat Hackers.

There is an enormous demand of ethical hackers lately due to the increased demand of hacking attacks like Equifax, Uber, Yahoo accounts got hacked within the last decade.

Big companies hire hackers to hack their systems and ask the hackers to seek out weaknesses in their systems, in order to fix it. They even have bug bounty programs where they ask the hackers round the world to hack their websites or systems and that they pay money for the bugs they found.

Ways to Hack the Systems:

There are sizable amount of ways to hack into a system. Only few of them are:

  • Phishing
  • Virus
  • Trojan
  • Fake Access Point
  • Denial of service attack
  • Keylogger

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