RWBY Grimm Eclipse: PC

Another representative of the genre slasher with elements of Action developed by the studio Rooster Teeth Games and released by the publisher Rooster Teeth Games. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse is a third-person slasher based on the eponymous anime. All those who had a chance to get acquainted with this anime are waiting for an interesting addition with the continuation of the adventures of long-familiar characters. Immediately, the four main characters continue their battles with endless crowds of monsters, all of which is decorated in a colorful cartoon style and somewhat resembles the above-mentioned anime. If you still have doubts, before purchasing a licensed version, it is advisable to make your own opinion about the game and download RWBY: Grimm Eclipse from our website, which should help you decide on the decision to purchase a legal copy of the game.

Immediately it is necessary to clarify that the game is designed for multiplayer, the joint online passage in which up to four players can participate. The characters here are the only female, their name is Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, which is reflected in the name of the game. Each has its own color, in accordance with the first letters of its name, these colors are red, white, black and yellow. The attitude to what is happening in all the heroines is also different and is distinguished by their comments during the development of the plot. There are also different sets of techniques, used weapons and combat style, there is pumping of all abilities, the plot here is also not left unattended by the developers and will brighten the infrequent breaks between battles and the study of the cartoon game world.

All texts are fully voiced, both by the actors of the anime’s voice of the same name and by the new ones, who did not take part in the voice of this anime itself, which should somewhat change the perception of the plot. All this is only for those who have already mastered spoken English, there are more than enough conversations here and they are important for the plot – the events in the plot are much less. This story tells about the villains who once again decided to take over the world, this time with quite noble goals – if the evil plan turns out to be the embodiment of the world it will be much better. It looks like this plan still has certain disadvantages, the protagonists are cutting through the crowds of monsters who are not distinguished by goodwill and the desire to bring good to the masses. Health, they also do not differ, so stop the heroes are unlikely to be able, although they have an advantage in number. The semi-bosses are much stronger and can force your heroines to pump their skills so that the process does not take so much time. In general, the plot tries to match the authentic anime and not to make sharp deviations that resulted in a not too great variety of tasks and too much similarity with the original.

RWBY Grimm Eclipse

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