No Mans Sky: PC

Another representative of the Action Adventure genre with sandbox elements developed by Hello Games studio and released by Hello Games. No Man’s Sky is a combination of a sandbox and a space simulator that allows you to move in space on your own ship, land on the planets and study them. All this has a sci-fi plot and advanced graphics, reinforcing the impressions of your research. If you still have doubts, before purchasing a licensed version, it is advisable to make your own opinion about the game and download No Man’s Sky from our site, which should help determine the decision to purchase an already legal copy of the game.

The plot is not particularly intricate, somewhere in the center of the universe some mystery is revealed and the main character sets off to explore space on his not the fastest ship yet. The gameplay consists of four components at once, it is the study of planets and outer space, battles with enemies in various conditions, resource trading and elements of a survival simulator. The universe has a random generation, according to the developers, it consists of more than 18 quintillion planets, each of which is unlike the others. The size, presence or absence of the atmosphere, the life forms on these planets and other parameters differ. Exploring them all is clearly not your main goal, it is enough to master the extraction of resources and trade in order to have enough funds for the existence and pumping of your own ship.

In any case, the main goal is to explore the many worlds and the above secret in the center of the Universe is so far away that with the basic equipment of your ship, the journey to it will take an indecent amount of time. Your adventures begin with the outer boundary of a randomly generated universe, filled with many planets, merchants, pirates and other adventurers. Violence is one of the fastest ways to earn money to upgrade your ship at the risk of attracting the attention of the police and gaining the worst possible reputation. Trade allows you to do without risky actions, but it also does not promise a rapid increase in income. Random distribution makes its own adjustments, no one knows who you will meet on your way and how exactly events will develop in your version of the game world.

No Mans Sky

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