Deus Ex Mankind Divided: PC

Another representative of the Action genre developed by Eidos-Montreal and Nixxes Software BV and released by Square Enix. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a continuation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the action takes place several years after the events of the previous part. Virtual Prague is going through not the most peaceful times, the excessive spread of augmentations, artificial organs surpassing natural analogs in all parameters is to blame for everything. At least this is what most of the population thinks is afraid of everything new and unexplored, besides the mass media are trying to denigrate augmentation as much as possible by exposing it to the source of all evils. In such an environment, Adam Jenson is to act, performing numerous tasks of his bosses. Anyway,

In 2029, Prague is a sad sight, artificial organs ceased to be some kind of exotic and thoroughly spread across the continent. The number of augmentation carriers increased with each day; they were faster and stronger than ordinary people than they did not cause the best reaction among the population. After one day the majority of cyborgs got out of control for a short time and arranged a real uprising of machines, the authorities finally had a reason to hide all this mess in remote parts of Prague, which soon became one of the most troubled places in the city. Augmented were outcasts, without rights and social status, and Adam Jenson was no exception, which did not prevent him from joining the Interpol OG 29 squad and investigating a series of terrorist attacks.

Immediately, it is worth noting that, as before, excessive aggression and negligence are not welcome here, such actions are stopped almost immediately, which clearly shows what all these augmentations stand against an ordinary fighter in an armored suit. All the modified augmentations obtained by Adam in the previous part of the game mysteriously disappeared so that the pumping will have to start from scratch, while not forgetting about the weapon. Here it is still divided into two categories, lethal and non-lethal, it is easy to find out what the developers themselves prefer – firearms cause much less damage to enemies, forcing them to release the cages in such ammunition welded at the corners of the cartridges, the cartridges themselves a little and the size in the inventory firearm takes much more. Non-lethal weapons, especially darts, put enemies to sleep or neutralize them for a while, allowing you to get through the particularly hard-protected locations. This kind of shooter is not about a shooter that allows you to do without killing and wade through hidden passages, break into security systems, combination locks, control turrets and much more with the help of a familiar hacking system. The main feature of the entire series is still not forgotten and will find something to please its connoisseurs.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

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