Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom

Another representative of the genre slasher with elements of Action developed by the studio KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. and released by KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. The attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is a slasher based on the anime of the same name, more precisely, its first season. As always, in an alternate reality cannot do without adventure, and this time you expect battles with giant monsters who have captured almost the whole world. The last of the few survivors are trying to resist the mutants and with your help will achieve some success in this difficult task. If you still have doubts, before purchasing a licensed version, it is advisable to make your own opinion about the game and download Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom from our site, which should help to decide on the decision to purchase a legal copy of the game.

The game is aimed at anime lovers, largely repeats the original manga and the first season of animation, saved the Japanese voice, graphic style imitates pencil drawing using cel-shading effects. Most of the gaming events are repeated almost unchanged, in some kind of an alternate reality, a real invasion of giants, evil humanoid monsters of impressive size, strength and strange appearance began. Apparently, they did not even try to capture something and simply ate small and therefore almost helpless people. They also arrived a lot so that the population began to decline rapidly despite all attempts to somehow defend themselves – the enemies were much stronger and reacted weakly to the attacks. Those who have already seen this work will find here most of the familiar characters and events,

In contrast to the anime here is fully three-dimensional graphics and the plot consists of cutscenes on the game engine. The gameplay consists of ground and air battles with the use of weapons and firearms. The protagonist, one of the army soldiers, unlike the mutants, is able to run fast, fly, climb walls (also on the run), armed with a pair of swords and a grip that allows him to be attracted to the walls and enemies. Initially, the monsters have nothing to oppose the speed and melee weapons, and the execution of tasks does not pose any difficulty, but this is only the beginning of a long enough passage that will offer a lot of tests. In conclusion, it is worth noting the unexpectedly high quality of the animation for a game of this genre and the responsive management that is found not so often as we would like.

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom

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