Obduction: PC

Another representative of the genre of adventure and quests developed by the studio Cyan Inc. and released by Cyan Inc. Enix. Obduction is an adventure game from independent developers with a fantastic plot, the events unfold in an alternate reality. The protagonist finds a strange artifact in all senses fallen directly from heaven and is immediately transferred to an incomprehensible place more reminiscent of some kind of illusion than the usual reality. Before purchasing a licensed version, it is advisable to make up your own opinion about the game and download Obduction from our website, which should help determine the decision to purchase a legal copy of the game.

The game does not have a long prehistory after the protagonist most mysteriously finds himself in a parallel reality, it turns out that this strange place consists of mixed mechanisms of unknown purpose, incomprehensible objects and strange creatures mixed in an unimaginable order. There are also blotches of familiar places to the antagonist of places familiar to ordinary reality, like a typical rural house in the state of Kansas. There is clearly no way to do without thoughtful research, it will soon become clear that there are other worlds, no less fantastic and intricate, inhabited by strange creatures and preserving the traces of their former inhabitants. There are many mysteries to be solved where your main weapon will be observation and the ability to think logically in unusual situations.

The Unreal Engine 4 is chosen as the game engine, the graphics style resembles the previous games of the Cyan studio, under the names Myst and Riven. According to the developers, the gaming world is gigantic in size, they also decided to abandon the pre-rendered backgrounds in video sequences and fully switch to the capabilities of the game engine. Emphasis is placed on the plot, the game borrows most of the developments of Myst and in many respects repeats that unusual approach to the development of the plot and the formation of the game world, thanks to which Myst became so memorable. Everyone who appreciated the predecessor should like the development of the ideas embodied in it, a noticeably increased detail of locations and multidimensionality of the new world, improved natural phenomena, and change of the time of day. 


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