Master of Orion: PC

Another representative of the strategy genre developed by NGD Studios and released by Master of Orion is a step-by-step tactical strategy in the 4X genre. You are waiting for large-scale intergalactic battles, a study of the galaxy, a system of diplomacy that allows you to enter into agreements with the allies, all for which this genre is valued by many virtual strategists. Before purchasing a licensed version, it is advisable to make your own opinion about the game and download Master of Orion from our website, which should help determine the decision to purchase a legal copy of the game.

One of the iconic turn-based strategies finally got a continuation, according to the developers at NGD Studios, this strategy will be a restart of the original Master of Orion while retaining all the key features that made it so famous. The rethought strategy will offer you a gigantic game world, improved graphics with even more colorful cosmic landscapes, along walkthrough, everything you need to spend more than a dozen hours here. At your disposal are still as many as ten races, the usual step-by-step gameplay and a huge galaxy consisting of a fantastic number of stars and planets that are yet to be conquered. This conquest will begin with the development of the nearest planets, the construction of its own army from warships, the establishment of diplomatic relations with the inhabitants of the nearest planets.

The development of technology will help you gain advantages in battles and win victories faster and with fewer losses. There are 75 such technologies here, military equipment is also not ignored and has the possibility of modification and its own design for each race. An aggressive strategy is not the only way of development, some conflicts can be resolved peacefully and do without unnecessary destruction. There is no any kind of universal solution, everything depends on the situation and how it is up to you to act in it. Excessive militancy can result in damage to diplomatic relations, an increase in the number of enemies and the inevitable loss of expensive equipment. This also does not contribute to finding new allies, and they should not be underestimated – help will never hurt. Enemies are also able to unite and start large-scale battles,

Master of Orion

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