Blue Estate The Game: PC

Virtual shooting gallery from HE SAW. In this game, you will get to know the criminal world of Los Angeles and take part in many fights of the mafia. Blue Estate The Game does not pretend to be particularly realistic and is primarily attracted by the humor and unique atmosphere of gang fights. Tony Luciano and his partner Clarence will conduct under your leadership a considerable amount of rifle work and significantly reduce the livestock of numerous mafia groups in Los Angeles. To do this, you need to download Blue Estate The Game from our website.
It all starts with the next case, Tony Luciano, received a new order. Trying to save the dancer Cherry Popz, he breaks into the lair of the Siq gang and arranges a meat grinder, disabling the numerous guards of this club. All this will not remain without consequences, the injured enemy will not hesitate to announce the hunt for the overly accurate son of the godfather of the Italian mafia in Los Angeles. Claim everything will have to Clarence, the killer once a former fur seal. He can kill as well as Tony and is equally good at mastering all types of weapons. Trying to end the war between the mafia clans, he will face unforeseen difficulties and survive a lot, up to a visit to Jamaica, as always with the shooting of all dissenters.
The plot is written based on the graphic novel by Victor Kalvachev “Blue Estate”. This novel was nominated for the Eisner Prize, and as you can see, not in vain – all the main points are preserved, although they are played with a unique humor, which the heroes of the game are not deprived of. 
It works all on the Unreal Engine 3 engine, which is still capable of a high-quality picture and stable 60 FPS, even in a not very fast configuration. Controls are supported from the keyboard/mouse, Leap Motion controller, Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamepads. Cooperative mode is supported. After passing the story, you can go through each level also in the arcade mode where time is taken into account, records are fixed – here there is support for the online leaderboard. 

Key Features:
– The dynamic virtual shooting gallery with charismatic characters and tons of humor. 
– The plot is based on the graphic novel by Victor Kalvachev “Blue Estate”. 
– Increased style and atmosphere of what is happening – the plot plays a leading role here and will not let you get bored. 
– Several types of controls, from the usual keyboard/mouse and gamepads to light guns. 

Blue Estate The Game

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