Adventure game with a third-person view and puzzle elements from DSK Studios Pvt. Ltd. DGU was announced in January of this year, an adventure game with colorful graphics, logical elements and funny characters with hypertrophied parts of the body was originally conceived. Such a discrepancy of reality should have simplified the transition to the surreal atmosphere of the game. The plot and the truth were far from reality, a student at the University of Death God must travel through the vast colorful world at every step, embroiling in another adventure. To help him with the honor to pass all the tests you need to download DGU from our site and try to live the life of this unusual character.

So, an unusual student explores a no less unusual world with colorful characters who will constantly throw up riddles and, if necessary, tips for passing these riddles. The main goal is to kill the bad guys, but here it is not an elementary shooting from a variety of weapons, each murder will have to be planned, which can often be reminded by the movie “Destination”. It is not always easy to arrange everything in such a way to create the appearance of a fatal accident; you will have to collect items scattered around the locations, collecting suitable devices from them. For well-executed assignments to the hero level up.

These events will unfold not far from the University of Death God, this is a small town where students of this dark educational institution work their skills in the killing. Part of the sectors of this town is blocked, to get there will have to raise their level. And train by killing your victims. This process is so familiar to most that the faculties are organized with their specialization, someone specializes in some kind of religion, someone in civilization, because of the high workload of the death gods even work together, not forgetting to continue teaching and doing office bureaucracy. You will meet a variety of deities, both well-known and not so, from the Baron Saturday from the Grim Reaper to Freya from Yama, and you will also meet the dean of the university, Louis S. Sifer.

Main features: 
– Adventure game with a third-person view and puzzle elements. 
– High-quality graphics and highly detailed levels. 
– Surreal atmosphere and tons of black humor. 


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