Tabletop Simulator: PC

Nonstandard simulator from Berserk Games. Tabletop Simulator will offer you an unusual entertainment, not limited to any one game – at your disposal will be almost all the popular board games with the ability to create new ones. It does not really matter if the game exists in reality or if you come up with something completely new, most of the ideas are transferred to the sandbox without any particular difficulties. Checkers, chess, solitaire, backgammon, dominoes, gambling card games like poker, all this is possible in one simulator. It remains to download Tabletop Simulator from our website and try to play games familiar from childhood.

One of the most noticeable advantages of this simulator in high-quality physics simulation, all objects move smoothly and quite realistically interact with each other, which greatly increases the attractiveness of everything that happens. Experiments with snakes from dominoes, for example, differ little from real chess, you can not just play chess, but with force move figures and knock down others, or show aggression and throw the whole board far away, scattering chess pieces. Billiards and golf are also simulated at a fairly high level.

Card games are noticeably different from the usual representatives of this genre, first of all by the interaction – the cards can be moved, turned over and thrown as you please, all in 3D and with full control over the camera. Play to be online, at the same time can participate up to 8 players. The convenient administration will help weed out the unwanted, who decided to use the too extensive game features not according to the expected purpose. The ability to create modifications allows you to change the gameplay as you please, from simply changing the design of the card table to creating your own game with your own rules, design, etc. The requirements for the modifications created are very low, so there is little that will limit your imagination. 

Key Features:
– A simulator with an advanced physics simulation that allows you to play a variety of board games and more. 
– Convenient control, almost complete control over what is happening. 
– Ability to create modifications with an almost complete absence of restrictions. 
– Multiplayer with the convenient administration. 
– Nice graphics and sound design. 

Tabletop Simulator

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