Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle: PC

Another representative of the genre of arcades with a third person view developed by Zoe Mode studio and released by Activision. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle is an improved re-release of two games from the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game series, improved graphics are announced. Trophies and the possibility of cooperative passing have appeared in both games. If you still have doubts, before purchasing a licensed version, it is advisable to make your own opinion about the game and download Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Bundle from our site, which should help you decide on the decision to purchase a legal copy of the game.

Fans of the Marvel series will definitely not disappoint this compilation; most of the superheroes are gathered here, from the most famous to the most familiar, with no particular popularity. Which one of them to include in your team is up to you, and you will have to choose from almost a hundred and fifty characters. It was difficult to resist the choice of such celebrities as Spider-Man, Cyclops, Venom, Hulk watching how they try to work in such a mixed company. Not all of them are interchangeable, almost everyone has some features, strengths, and weaknesses, super-tools – since the release of the original, little has changed here. They will fight with no fewer villains, who are also no less famous but still dreaming of meeting with superheroes and finding out who is stronger here.

There were not so many changes in comparison with the original as we would like, improved graphics became them, trophies were finally added, the interface was reworked and a cooperative mode was introduced with the possibility of simultaneous playing on a pair of gamepads, which was probably the most significant change. Now you can go through the storyline campaign together, which is much more fun. The showdown between their own, too, is possible – everyone has disagreements, especially since the team can get very colorful. The plot changes even less, the villains, as usual, make grandiose plans going to defeat superheroes for which they deserve a couple of blows. Stay here and bosses that can become a real test of strength for your team. In conclusion, it is worth noting a certain niche of this game, fans of the series will have a few hours of such a familiar plot,

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle

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