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Regulars well know the company FiiO and its Hi-Fi players X3, X5 and X7, and today we will get acquainted with a more affordable novelty – FiiO M3K. Although this is a budget model, you can expect a lot from it. Let’s find out what the new star of the segment is capable of.

Beauty in miniature

The first thing that surprises the player is its miniature dimensions. The player is slightly larger than a lighter in height and thickness, so it fits easily into any pocket.

FiiO M3K

The case of the M3K is made of a single piece of aluminum, tempered glass covers the entire front side. From plastic here only the upper and lower ends, and they successfully mimic the metal. In addition to silver, there is also a version in black.  

FiiO M3K

The build quality is at a height, like that of older models – nothing creaks or backlash, fitting all the details is impeccable.


Funny weight and easy navigation

In hand, the device is excellent due to its compactness and rounded sidewalls. The metal back is not too tenacious, but this is solved by using a complete silicone case – with it the player will not slip out of the palm. In the pocket, it is almost not felt (weight – 77 grams) and does not hold down movements, which is especially valuable during sports.

FiiO M3K

Operated by the FiiO M3K using touch keys and a vertical navigation bar. The latter is responsible for scrolling with svaypami, as well as for the choice of tapu. The scheme is unusual, but you get used quickly. In addition, navigation is also available by the buttons for switching tracks located below.

FiiO M3K

By the way, in the locked state, the tracks can be switched by pressing the volume keys, so you do not have to constantly get the player out of your pocket.

How does it sound

The FiiO M3K has a new AK4376A audio chip designed for mobile devices. D / A converter supports 32-bit decoding with low noise and low power consumption. Also, the audio chip is equipped with its own amplifier. Power is 25 mW for a load of 32 ohms. To assess the sound in a pair with him used this classic in the face of Koss Porta Pro Casual .

FiiO M3K

Of course, you can’t put a big sound in such a small box. But FiiO found a compromise, hiding the lack of power behind the necessary accents. If you imagine the frequency response of the player, then it will be two small rise – in the areas of the lower and upper middle. The first singles out the bass guitar and snare drum adds massiveness and solidity to the sound. The second accent makes the vocals and other instruments brighter. It turns out a contrast, energetic flow, suitable for both electronic and acoustic genres.

The nature of the bass is soft and enveloping so that in aggressive metal it lacks speed and punch. But he is well woven into the structure of slow and lyrical melodies, adding warmth and volume to them. Want to fully experience this – listen to the M3K song Lacrimas Profundere – Still in Need. The player perfectly conveys insinuating guitar overcuts, flavoring them with low-frequency vibrations.

FiiO M3K

Not bad with synthesized bass in different electronic styles, from the melancholic downtempo of Boards of Canada to the aggressive drum and bass Pendulum. Low frequencies go deep enough, their transitions are dynamic and distinct.

The FiiO M3K contrasts its emphasis with accents at the edges of the MF range. Especially they are heard on the compositions of the group Lacuna Coil, where a deep male growl is combined with pure female vocal – both get additional depth and vitality, enhancing the contrast. The unusual color of the midrange also enlarges the imaginary scene, spreading the sounds to a greater distance from each other. First of all, this is noticeable if the sound producer initially wanted to create an effect of presence. For example, the Priscilla album from JMSN is saturated with sounds coming from different sides – their apparatus transmits as spatially as possible.

High frequencies are relegated to the background, which allows you to hide the flaws of the recordings and make the sound comfortable during long-term listening. It also masks the budget of the device itself – yet the high-frequency range is the weak point of all inexpensive and compact players. Therefore, the plates sound smooth and without vigorous fly-over, as if they are rubbed with brushes, and not beaten on them with chopsticks. On the remaining instruments, such a simplification is noticeably less so, especially with high recording quality. Brass sounds naturally and without synthetic sharpness, percussion and bells are also transmitted naturally.

FiiO M3K


What can

The FiiO M3K firmware is smart, it has all the important features for the player: a player with covers, a file manager, playlists and a five-band equalizer. The system digests any modern audio formats up to DSD and PCM 32/384.

There are atypical things, such as a voice recorder. The device is equipped with a microphone and ADC (analog-to-digital converter), can make mono audio recordings in MP3 format. True, their quality leaves much to be desired.

FiiO M3K

Perhaps the most important option of the new product is that it is capable of operating as a USB-DAC, receiving a digital signal from a PC or laptop and converting it to analog. In the case of Windows, you need the proprietary FiiO Control Panel driver. A great way to improve the sound of an old laptop or computer without significant cost.


How long does it take

The FiiO M3K battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh, coupled with an energy-efficient “iron” gives up to 24 hours of music playback. Also, the player can live 38 days in standby mode. FLAC playback at a volume of 50% discharged the device in 22 hours – taking into account the error, this corresponds to the manufacturer’s data So under normal conditions (listening for about three hours a day) the device will last a week on one charge.

FiiO M3K



FiiO M3K turned out to be an extremely balanced product. Taking into account the loud brand, the cost of the gadget is very modest, but the possibilities pay for it with interest. If you are looking for a compact and standalone player with USB-DAC function and decent sound, this new product deserves a place in the shortlist for purchase.


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