New avatars of Xbox One

The avatars of Xbox came for the first time almost 10 years ago, during the Xbox 360 era. Now, Microsoft launched an expected update that includes new features to customize your virtual counterpart.

From this day, all users of the Xbox Insider program can use the new and improved avatars from the Xbox Avatar Editor application. The update will be available from 2:00 PM in Mexico City, 4:00 PM in Santiago, Chile. At the moment, there is no information about the release for the rest of the players.

The most important feature of this update is that you can include new elements to your avatar. In addition to having a new wardrobe, there will also be options to modify the body of your virtual character, since you can add new accessories, from makeup to different members.

The objective of this movement is to generate an environment of inclusion in the Xbox community. You will have the option to modify the tone of skin, hair, clothes and accessories, having at your disposal more than 16 million colors.

“The new Xbox avatars are designed from the ground up to allow an unprecedented amount of inclusive customization options, and we will continue to grow these selections over time,” said Microsoft . “A wide range of body types and gender-neutral garments allow you to customize your avatar the way you see fit, if you see something you like, you can use it.” Xbox avatars now include completely new categories of items and appearance accessories, which include fingernails, makeup, limbs, piercings and moods. “
You can continue using your old avatar

According to Microsoft, this first test only includes a glimpse of what will come at the end. In addition, the company will continue to unlock more accessories, moods, clothing and more over time. To make matters worse, you will have the option to choose how your friends will see you on Xbox LIVE, either with your new avatar, a Gamerpic or continue using your classic avatar.

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