Console users prefer the physical format over digital

In recent years much has been said about what appears to be the imminent disappearance of games in physical format. However, the reality is that they remain as an important market and this is proven by a recent study that ensures that console users in the United States prefer the physical format over digital.

According to a recent Nielsen report , 66% console users older than 13 years old prefer to buy their games in physical format. The opposite is seen in the PC world, since most users (71%) prefer to buy their games digitally. The above is not entirely surprising if we consider the popularity of services like Steam.

Another interesting detail is that Nielsen’s study indicates that players who prefer digital format spend less and play more than those who prefer the physical format. That is to say, players in consoles that prefer the digital format usually spend 6.4 hours a week playing and spend on average $ 15 USD. On the other hand, those who buy their games in physical stores spend $ 23 USD per month and only play 5 hours a week.

To conclude, the report indicates that 28% of the monthly expense in video games is made in new games, while 18% is made in downloadable content. An interesting point is that the lowest percentage of expenditure is in rents and content such as magazines or peripherals.

Before ending, it is important to note that this information contrasts with a report that ESA released at the beginning of last year. According to the association, there was a decline in revenues generated by games in physical format and digital sales dominated the market in the United States .

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