Cayde-6 will die in the next expansion of Destiny 2

Taking advantage of its presence in E3 2018, Bungie presented a new story trailer for the next expansion of Destiny 2 , Forsaken , which will arrive on September 4 . After seeing the video, many of the fans were surprised and with doubts about the last sequence, where Cayde-6 is attacked by Uldren Sov and is lying on the floor in what seems to be his last moment. Unfortunately, for fans of the game, this will be a reality and this was confirmed by Bungie.

Cayde-6 will die in the next expansion of Destiny 2

In an interview conducted by GamesRadar , Scott Taylor, project leader of Forsaken , confirmed that Cayde-6 will die in the expansion and players will have to prepare to live the last adventure with the character. According to Taylor, the Destiny 2 development team preferred to offer a preview of the death of the character instead of saving it as a surprise for Forsaken They wanted to show that the new stage of the title is serious: “We wanted to define the tone of the expansion and show that we are serious about it, we wanted people to start processing it, you will play a mission with it, but you will not know when it will happen. or how, and the emotional experience will be different, it is very rich in content and interesting if you have time to sit down and reflect on it, we believe that the sense of revenge will be very strong. “

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you want to know more about the title of Bungie, as the new game mode that will arrive in September.

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