The president of Nintendo America guarantees the company’s support for 3DS

It is not surprising how little time it took to have to go out and clarify things. The tremendous news disaster that was the Direct of Nintendo during E3 is underlined by the fact that it has been more commented by what does not show (and shut up) than by what (little) it taught. Concentrating almost the entire conference on Smash Bros and devoting the rest of the time to titles for Switch has generated two important debates among fans. The first, referring to the catalog of the hybrid console and the potential sales of it from this moment, resulted in a collapse in the stock market of the company, without any kind of reaction from it. The second debate, perhaps a minority one, focused on 3DS .

Over the months Nintendo’s position on whether Switch will end development for the laptop has been that of outright denial. The support of the company to the console is especially strong in Nintendo America, whose top managers have argued again and again that we will see many more games soon.

To day of hour there are three launches planned for 3DS, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker , which will also be available in Switch, WarioWare Gold and, already in 2019, Mario and Luigi: The adventures of Bowsy . Nothing else. The mysterious titles whose announcement is always “very close” will remain unknown for a while longer. Reggie FIls-Aime, president of Nintendo America, has wanted to appease the doubts returning to remember the commitment of the company with 3DS and the new titles in the horizon «We follow our plan of support to 3DS, we will continue receiving some new games in this platform. We will announce them, and we will do so during the next months. Nintendo 3DS continues to be a vital part of our business in America, “he told IGN . But, for now, this is still nothing more than redundant words.

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