How to play Android Games on your PC

Android Games on PC? Are you kidding?

No, I am serious

The sphere of games has always been one of the fastest growing and attractive for users. Many spend considerable sums on the purchase of special game consoles and the purchase of games for them. But at the same time, quality and entertaining games are created for other platforms. One of the most popular platforms is Android. Unfortunately, sometimes the user cannot fully enjoy the game on the screen of his android gadget and he would like to continue the passage at a broader resolution, for example, his PC. And then the user has a completely logical question – how to play Android applications on the computer? There is nothing surprising in the growing interest in Android games, as now a huge number of them are being created or adapted for this system, which is often not inferior to modern ones.


It is the most popular and high-quality emulator of Android applications on PC. The software is distinguished by excellent work without failures, a pleasant interface, and a wide range of functions. You can download it on the official website. It is suitable for Windows XP, Vista, 7.8, Mac OS.

Android Games on PC

The software does not imitate the Android environment on your computer to the fullest extent, but it will be enough to play or use certain programs from Google Play, such as a variety of messengers.

Android SDK

Also quite popular software for launching Android applications on your computer. With its help, you can run absolutely any application on Android, but there is one serious nuance. The program cannot be called comfortable, as its load can take up to half an hour, and the speed itself also leaves much to be desired. Android SDK emulator Bluestacks is a more preferable option, but if for any reason, you decide to use this software, it is desirable to download it from the official site.

Android Games on PC

Windows Android (Windroy)

In this case, you will not get an imitation of a popular platform, but its full emulation. The quality of the program is quite high, except perhaps because it is more unstable than the same Bluestacks. But as a possible option, this software certainly deserves attention. You can download it here. Of course, on the expanses of the network, you can find a great variety of such programs, but the most stable, high-quality and convenient for handling is Bluestacks. But other software products in no less degree will give you the opportunity to enjoy Android applications on your computer.

Android Games on PC

Download Android games on PC

Installing the Android game on the computer should not cause any problems, probably you already noticed the Play Store icon in your Android emulator, just connect to the Internet and start it. Play market will ask you to enter the data of your Google account, after input you can download any game, just like on a smartphone.



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