Play SIBERIA 2 on PC

The famous quest is now available on mobile devices running Android OS. Together with you, Kate Walker will go to the mysterious island to get to the truth.

Siberia 2

The plot and action in the game
The main character in this story is still a young lawyer. After a long and fascinating search, she finally managed to meet with Hans Vorarberg. Together with him and the mechanical machinist Oscar they go on to further searches. Their long way lies in Romanovsk – a city located far in the North.

Siberia 2

However, heroes face problems even before the train gets to its destination. Foralberg suddenly fell a serious illness, and the composition stopped in the middle of the road due to a shortage of fuel. Kate again has to take control of the situation and find a way out of it.
During the game process, you have to find a medicine, get acquainted with colorful local people and visit a variety of locations. 

Siberia 2

Graphics in the game performed flawlessly. Even the most sophisticated users will not be able to make any claims to it. In general, the entire virtual setting is stypunk style. Detailed study of characters and locations is striking in its beauty and originality.
Also you can not fail to note the presence of sound. On the quality of performance, it is in no way inferior to the professional voice of a feature film.

If you want to play this game on your PC follow these instructions

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