Here’s a look at the exotic car rifle Cerberus + 1 in Destiny 2: Forsaken

Cerberus + 1 Exotic Auto Rifle began to fall in Destiny 2: Forsaken, and for those who are looking for funny weapons to cut through enemies, it can be just exotic for you.

In Destiny 2: Forsaken, Cerberus + 1 Exotic Auto Rifle is obtained through an accidental fall. Despite the fact that there is always an element of RNG for getting drops, this particular weapon can be earned from weekly bounties in Gambit. It emanates from one of two Engram drops, and can also be obtained through packets.

The weapon enters your Kinetic slot and is classified as an auto rifle. It applies a blow when used in PvE actions, as well as tears through other players in PvP.

On the surface of the Cerberus + 1, there is not much to look at, because it is basically a collection of four gun barrels held together. But what he lacks in aesthetics, it compensates for this in an absolute slaughter.


How does Cerberus + 1 Exotic Auto Rifle work?

The first Exotic perk is a four-headed dog, which, as the name suggests, is based on Cerberus from Greek mythology. We all know that the beast wore three heads, not four, but that’s where the +1 comes. This common, internal perk simultaneously fires from bullet guns from machine guns.

Three of the four barrels have different legendary perks. One of them is the Rifle barrel, which increases the range, but on the reverse side, it significantly reduces the speed of circulation. Another is a corrugated barrel, which significantly increases the processing speed and slightly improves stability. It is also equipped with a barrel with a full hole optimized for the distance, which greatly increases the range, but reduces the stability and speed of processing.

Package Spread Shot Package – Exotic Perk, which reduces the spread of projectiles when aiming.

This weapon does not display a tracker, but it has a Kill Tracker, which will record the number of dead enemies. He also tracks the number of defeated Crucible opponents.

Is it worth using Cerberus + 1 Exotic Auto Rifle?

In a word: yes.

Cerberus + 1 is an interesting and rather unique weapon. It’s great when used in PvE or Crucible.

Given the prevalent nature of the shots, even if aimed at the sights, the players still want to get a little closer to the goal. Because of the widespread of players, of course, will not attack the crits on every shot.

Focusing on the target, single bullets will still scream, while the surrounding spreads cause additional damage. Because of the spread and the fact that he shoots 360 rounds per minute, Cerberus + 1 is an excellent weapon that can be used when burning garbage mobs. It is also useful to remove enemy shields with a constant barrage of bullets.

Tiger players using the Auto Rifle will find out how useful this is – quickly. In the same vein as the exotic shotgun Lord of Wolves, Cerberus + 1 will break opponents, forcing it to use – if you get it on a drop.

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