Farm Expert 2016: PC

Simulator farm from Selden, has already managed to please many of their previous hits like Alcatraz, Chernobyl Commando, Manhunter. In Farm Expert 2016, you will cultivate fields, cultivate agricultural species and breeds of animals, all this will not do without buying and selling agricultural transport. You organize your own enterprise with an impressive turnover, for this, you need to download Farm Expert 2016 from our site and get busy farming.

Farm Expert 2016
Farm Expert 2016 is a continuation of Farm Expert 2015 with numerous improvements that were not enough in Farm Expert 2015, graphics are improved again, the fleet is expanded – now tractors and agricultural vehicles are even more than before that will delight fans of this popular simulator with a multimillion audience, and without having one of the best-selling simulators of a farmer known.

As before, you will have to deal with classical types of labor, from processing fields to breeding a variety of chicken, pigs and other types of farm animals. All this will require the participation of specialized transport which will have to be bought and sold. And if everything goes well, your business will start to make a profit. The game is made so as to bring you as much pleasure as possible from any action, so a combination of enjoyable and useful should please many. One of the innovations will be the addition of the opportunity to grow not only cereals but also fruits, when and how much you want. It is not necessary to be limited in anything, with the right approach, all this should bring profit, which is always there on what to spend. Primarily for new models of tractors and agricultural machinery,

Key features: 
– Multiple improvements, both graphics, and the game process, which were so lacking in Farm Expert 2015 
– New types of agricultural machinery, types of buildings and animal species, including cows and horses. 
– Convenient management and prompt system allow even beginners to quickly understand the basics of farming. 
– In the presence of a pumping character, which improves all possible indicators – there are 100 levels here. 

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