F1 2015: PC

Another release of the racing simulator from Codemasters Racing Studios. In F1 2015, you will have another battle for the title of the world’s best rider in the Formula-1 class. As always, you expect realistic graphics, as never before, for the formation of the image is responsible for a completely new graphics engine written from scratch specifically for gaming systems and PCs of the latest generation. F1 2015 contains all materials included in F1 2014, besides it is the official game of the world championship in Formula 1 2015 (FIA). It remains only to download the F1 2015 and take part in exciting races on the fastest cars in the world.
F1 2015
Thanks to a completely new game engine, the simulation of the behavior of cars on the track has improved significantly, this applies not only to your own car but also to competitors’ cars sensitive to shocks and losing small parts in collisions. Management has also undergone significant modifications, the physical model has been improved and expanded over more than 20 parameters. The complexity of driving did not increase from this and including numerous auxiliary systems, simplifying piloting can be easily traversed any route without having a professional steering wheel and many hours of driving experience.

If all of the above you already have F1 2015 will offer you a realistic management model to trivial details that repeat all the features of piloting cars of the Formula-1 class. Racing events of the career correspond to the real events taking place at the world championship of Formula 1 2015 (FIA), the season begins with the return of Honda to Formula-1 where they are waiting for the McLaren team. In the Ferrari comes back Sebastian Vettel in the hope to finish the series of victories of the team Mercedes. Also, only this season will open a new track in Mexico, more than 20 years did not appear in such championships.

Visually the game strongly resembles the usual television broadcast, in large part due to its new game engine. There was a new scheme for presenting racers at the starting positions, as well as retaining all the content of the previous season, which will re-experience all the racing events of 2014. Multiplayer mode has a free practice mode with the possibility of training allowing you to better prepare for difficult races online. 

Main features: 
– Significant changes in both the graphics component and the features of simulation of the complex in the management of machines of the Formula-1 class aimed at increasing realism. 
– Racing career events correspond to the real events of the 2015 racing season.
– An even more perfect management model, it does not matter if you have experience and appropriate management, numerous help systems will allow even beginners to confidently pass the routes of any complexity. 

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