Racing simulator from Milestone Srl Ride is a large number of the most diverse licensed motorcycles from the most famous manufacturers, racing tracks around the world and several game modes. You can test more than 100 motorcycles from manufacturers who made a big contribution to the history of motorsport on the most beautiful racing tracks in the world, for this, you need to download the Ride from our site.
The main game mode was the World Tour, it’s where you start your racing career, master most motorcycles and tracks. Championships will be held around the world, besides they are divided into different classes, including Superbike 1000, Supersport 600, historical championships and some others. Game modes are also abundant here, including championships, single-race, the race for survival, for a while, drego, track-day, etc. Also presented are a split-screen, a time trial, and a fast race. There is a multiplayer with the possibility of simultaneous participation of up to 12 riders.
Participating in races you will earn a certain reputation and raise your rating. In the course of the career, you will see a total of 15 different tracks, both off-road and urban, there are several Grand Prix tracks. All these tracks are copied from the real ones in all details and trivialities. There are such trifles as the display of tracks from tires on asphalt, the darker areas have improved grip due to the effect of “rubberization”, with each circle of such areas becoming more and more. Moreover, in these tracks you will be able to determine the deceleration zones and the ideal trajectory of turns left by your competitors – these trajectories will help you not make mistakes and improve your driving style.
Choose your motorcycle from more than 100 samples of commercially available machines from 14 manufacturers. Presented years of production: 1987-2015, engine capacity from 250 to 1299 cubic meters. All characteristics are observed including power, engine type, weight distribution, etc. Responsible for their control is a new physical model written from scratch specifically for RIDE. The creators strongly recommend the gamepad in order to feel all the details of control and get more precise control over the machine. 

Tuning and tuning can not only be your motorcycle but also the rider – a choice of 400 color schemes to choose your own, unique style. Mirrors, disks, exhaust system and much more are adjusted — the total number of settings is about 100. 

The main features:
– The “World Tour” regime with a long campaign and a large number of tracks around the world. 
– More than 100 models of customized motorcycles with the possibility of tuning and installation of various upgrades. 
– Customization extends not only to the motorcycle – it will look like your rider is up to you. 
– A large number of game modes, from fast racing to multiplayer by 12 participants. 

Installation procedure: 
1. Unpack the archive 
2. Install 
3. Play

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