Days Gone

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Bend Stdio
Action , Survival , Action and Adventure Zombies and Apocalyptic)
PS4 Pro
February 22, 2019

Description: Days Gone is a video game of action, open world and exclusive survival for PlayStation 4, which puts us in the shoes of some survivors to a wave of zombie infection that we will have to face. For this protagonist of the title is a Deacon who will have to make use of all the weapons that he has on hand in this launch that bets on exploration, the open world and the most intense and wild action, for a video game that comes from the hands of the Creators of Uncharted: The Golden Abyss: Sony Bend Studios. 

Mixing the kinematics with the in-game parts very fluidly, Days Gone tells us a story in which the undead are as fearsome as the human beings themselves, the freakers, and in which our motorcycle is one of our greatest allies, since it is not only our vehicle but we can also shoot from it to become a killing machine at full speed in this action video game for PS4 that is launched in 2018.

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