State of Decay 2

Also for:
Xbox One
For sale in:
Undead Labs
Action , Action and adventure , Shooter , Survival Terror )
1-4 (Cooperative: Yes, online)
Texts in Spanish and voices in English
May 22, 2018

Description: Aftermath of State of Decay, it is a survival horror in the third person in an open world where zombies and survival have great protagonism. State of Decay 2, developed again by Undead Labs, repeats some of the features that made the original video game so well-known, but adds new material and many playable features unprecedented in the franchise. One of the most commented aspects has been the factor of opting for three maps instead of just one, each of them with a similar size to the original game, but all of them very different from each other. This seeks to fight against the repetitive, one of the factors that some users accused in the original PC and Xbox 360 video game released in 2013 and later transferred to Xbox One in 2015 under the name of State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition. 

In State of Decay 2 is repeated, in addition, the whole approach to total freedom, with the possibility of using vehicles to move from one point to another between real tides of the undead that will make things very difficult for us. As in the end everything revolves around subsistence, all this is very important when it comes to finding resources that allow us to overcome the always hard day to day zombie apocalypse like the State of Decay 2.

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