God of War (PS4)

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Sony Santa Monica
Action , Action and adventure , Hack and Slash ( Fantasyand Ancient Greece )
20-25 hours (minimum)
Texts in Spanish and voices in Spanish
April 20, 2018 (Pegi: +18)

Description: Video game of the God of War saga that responds to the bare name of God of War, and that moves its playable formula from the ancient Greece of the adventures of Kratos to a Nordic setting of the most striking where he returns his charismatic protagonist in a story of father and son who promises to recover a part of the lost humanity of the Spartan thanks to the presence of his offspring, named Atreus, and which is a capital part of the individual campaign, as always, fundamental point of the attraction of this legendary series of hack and slash with mythological contexts behind it. In fact, and after the on-line experiment of God of War Ascension, from Sony it has been guaranteed that in this installment there will be no multiplayer element. 

The title does not lose a bit of the violence that has characterized the IP to date, and mixes with great fluidity powerful sequences of cinematic character with purely in-game scenes characterized by a huge viscerality. Of course, instead of the fixed camera and Hack and Slash style of previous deliveries, this time Sony Santa Monica bet on a more typical perspective of the action genre and adventures and a more open approach (without becoming a sandbox) for the debut of one of the star franchises of the PlayStation brand on PS4.

Huge expectation that has surrounded since its announcement to the return of the best-known spartan in the history of video games, with a video presentation that easily exceeded the 15 million views on YouTube and with special interest by fans at the time of knowing how Kratos will adapt to Norse mythology after having even shuffled ancient Egypt as a possible setting. It also raises the expectation of the factor of the “alternative routes” of the game that from the persons in charge of this title destined exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro promise to spice up its story mode. Signed by the original game team almost in its entirety, with a few notable exceptions as the creator of the David Jaffe franchise, respect and love for the brand are guaranteed in this God of War. The new adventure of Kratos, God of War, has editions Standard, Digital Deluxe, Limited and Collector at its launch for Playstation 4.

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