Kingdom Hearts III (PS4)

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Role , Action RPG Disney and Fantasy )
2018 (To be determined) (Pegi: +12)

Description: KHIII is the third installment in the Kingdom Hearts adventure series, which combines characters and scenarios from Disney and Square Enix. Directed by the great Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 stars Sora and his friends, who must fight to keep the power of light against the dark, cold, ruthless and evil Master Xehanort. Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Sora, among others, are part of a group in charge of locating the seven guardians of light; while in another Mickey and Riku they must find the old bearers of the Sword Keys. 

Invocations, transformations, the new key blade, a lot of charm, wonderful artistic direction and powerful playable experience are the keys of this Kingdom Hearts III developed with Unreal Engine 4, which also has scenes and characters from the films Big Hero 6 or Tangled and music or soundtrack of the great Yoko Shimomura. The incorporation or return of Roxas, the incorporeal of Sora and number 13 within Organization XIII is also commented.

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