WordPress Hosting Requirements

Choosing quality hosting for the highly visited WordPress site is a difficult task. The quality of such services as hosting is measured by the speed of the processes, knowledge of the technical support of the site for certain subtleties in the settings of the sites in working with WordPress, the corresponding fees for services and much more.

So, what are the requirements of the WordPress system for hosting? 

WordPress Hosting Requirements

Of course, there are a large number of such requirements, however, the following points should be highlighted, which are applicable to all hosting support: 

  • – tables must correspond to the types: in “MySQL”: InnoDB or MyISAM;
  • -caching requests on a par with “MySQL”;
  • – PHP operation mode;
  • -type access to WordPress file materials
  • – the process of configuring the web server, “Apache” or “nginx”, as well as the ability to support the directives “rewrite”;
  • -the ability to correctly configure the caching of static files at the level of the web server and in the browser;
  • -the caching of pages or fragments at the level of the web server, “Varnish”, etc .;
  • -the ability to perform continuous caching of objects in the “WordPress”;
  • caching of PHP bytecode.

Today, many WordPress hosting companies use to solve their individual problems. However, in most cases, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy, and very often, hosting from such companies is a fairly cheap sample, such as PHP. Given the popularity of WordPress, all modern web hosting providers offer CMS installers.

There is a list of recommended hosting providers for WordPress. This category of providers has been published by WP Magazine:

  • -REG.RU
  • -DigitalOcean
  • -Media Temple
  • -WP Engine
  • -SiteGround

All servers above the listed providers have high-speed SSDs, thanks to which you can deploy a multi-server WordPress with several web servers, a single server containing a database and caching, a file server, and a load balancer in a couple of hours. Moreover, the cost of such technical support – from $ 25 per month, which is permissible for the quality of work, along with cheap hosting providers.

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