IPhone 7 Glass Replacement: Quality Assured Service

Apple’s developers have tried to make the display in the seventh iPhone as secure as possible. The gadget has a new generation of glass with a hardness class of 9H, which makes it durable and reliable. However, repair and replacement of glass “seven” still may be required. With careless handling, the display does not withstand the load, chips and scratches appear, the case tightness is broken. The phone not only loses its aesthetic appearance but also becomes vulnerable: glass dust and dirt can get inside. Because of this, the hardware stuffing of the device suffers.

IPhone 7 Glass Replacement: Quality Assured Service

At the first sign of glass damage, contact the Planet iPhone Service Center for qualified assistance. Skilled craftsmen will perform a thorough diagnosis of your gadget and inexpensively repair it. Urgent glass replacement is carried out within 20 minutes. Do not waste precious time, use the services of professionals!

Why it is undesirable to carry out repairs iPhone 7 yourself?

If the screen has ceased to react to touch, cracks or deep scratches are found on it, the picture has become fuzzy, one cannot do without replacing the glass. You should not disassemble and repair the smartphone yourself. Inside the gadget are many fragile and expensive items that can be damaged. If you do not have the skills to disassemble a specialized tool, you will not be able to replace the glass carefully. 

Equally important is the financial part of the issue. Saving, repairing the iPhone 7, will not work. Accessories for flagship gadgets retail at a high price. The Planet iPhone service center purchases them from reliable suppliers in bulk and therefore is cheaper. Purchased a single part will be almost like a new phone. Therefore, it is better to immediately seek the help of professionals, moreover, experienced craftsmen provide a guarantee of work for up to 3 months.

Why use the services of “Planet iPhone”?

Compared to other service centers, Planet iPhone has many advantages. Right here:

  • The most affordable cost of services. Due to direct cooperation with suppliers in the service center, intermediary markups for components are excluded.
  • The network of offices covers the whole of Moscow. You can find a service center in close proximity to your home (five minutes walk from the metro stations Taganskaya, Okhotny Ryad, Marxist, etc.).
  • Possible to call the master at home. An experienced service center specialist will arrive at any specified address and repair the faulty gadget (iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or others).
  • It turns out warranty support. Professionals are confident in the high quality of the services provided.
  • Providing free consultations over the phone. Get the information you need at your convenience.
  • Use of original components or their high-quality counterparts (if desired by the client).

 The total cost of repair may vary, it depends on the complexity of the work and their volume. During the diagnostics process, all faults of your iPhone will be revealed. Contact the professionals if you need help in restoring an expensive gadget. You will be satisfied with the results of cooperation!

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