The Microsoft store breaks after updating Windows 10, another victim of the April update

We had said it before and we repeat it: updating Windows 10 is sometimes like a Russian roulette , and Windows 10 April 2018 Update continues to make it clearer than ever. Your list of problems does not stop growing and annoying different user groups.

This time it is a bug with Microsoft Store that is affecting some users and prevents them from downloading and installing applications or games from the Windows 10 application store itself.

Several moderators in the community forums confirmed that it is a problem that is occurring in some cases, and in other external forums also several users are discussing the issue commenting that the app store does not start any download .

Logging out and restarting it seems to solve the problem , although others report that it reappears at random. The extent of this ruling is not known and Microsoft has not said anything official about it, but it is another bug to be piled up in a long list of those that have been presented with the April update.

It is the fifth problem related to the April update that has been reported by multiple users in just over two weeks since its launch.

First they were blocked by using applications like Chrome and Cortana , then it was the problem of compatibility with the Intel SSDs , at the same time the first patches for the April update were causing other problems trying to solve the existing ones, and earlier this week Another disaster of compatibility with Toshiba SSDs .

Again, they do not seem to be widespread problems, but they definitely exist and affect more and more groups of people. It is almost a matter of luck that you do not touch any of these failures , and it seems that the universal recommendation when it happens to you, is to go back to an earlier version and accept your cruel destiny.

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