Star Conflict: football has reached space

The World Cup is watched by the whole world … no, wrong. The whole universe! And this can be proved by the example of the online online action movie Star Conflict .
The game opened a new mode, football in weightlessness. On a three-dimensional field it is difficult to predict where and where the ball will fly, and the lack of gravity makes the space football even more different from the usual one. After all, in Star Conflict the ball moves strictly in a straight line, not reducing speed, and opponents and partners can be not only close, but also “above the head” or “underfoot.” 
Instead of feet and heads of space football ships two guns: “Interceptor of the ball” and a plasma harpoon. The interceptor gives the projectile a powerful impulse, and the harpoon can not only intercept the ball, but also lasso the opponent. You can beat the ball in the old manner, ramming it with a ship.
There are no rules and restrictions in space football, a rabbit of the transparent sphere that encloses the battlefield. A team of three players, who will score the first five goals, wins.
The new mode of “Cosmobol” is available in Star Conflict until July 19. And more details about it can be found on the official website .

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