Do we need an umbrella in paradise? Getting Ready for Gamers Paradise

Weather forecasters promise that from July 19 to early August in Thailand will be hot, but cloudy, in addition, rains with thunderstorms are possible. So our shooting and translation team is unlikely to be burned to the hypoderm. As well as to all other inhabitants of hotel Gamers Paradise . Fortunately, the shock group goes there not for sunburn, but for you! 
Those who follow our infotainment programs ” Gambling in the morning ” have repeatedly heard about how our video department prepares for a trip to the gaming paradise: Nikita Vlasov, Lev Levin, Vladimir Akinshin, Fedor Kokorev, Anatoly Efremov and others. Already on July 16 they will be aired from a place that is built with the expectation of big fans of games. After that, within two weeks we advise not to miss our live broadcasts. After all, in them we will play keys to games and other gifts, arrange mini-tournaments, play new and old games and so on. And with the choice of scenic spots for the leading problems will not be: after all it is Thailand, even cloudy and rainy!
But there is also a main reason to watch our tropical ethers. Since July 16, we are starting a special competition, the main prize of which will be a luxury tour for two in Gamers Paradise . The winner will be able to enjoy a whole month in the hotel, a buffet, parties on the roof and unlimited access to the luxurious gaming halls. It will be possible not to take care of the tickets for the plane there and back, transfer to the hotel and some additional entertainments and amenities. We will only have to decide on the terms: the prize can be used until October 31, 2018. 
So far, we are keeping a secret, in what exactly is our paradise test. You will learn all the details on July 16. You will have only two weeks to win, so do not miss the chance to get to paradise! Follow our news and announcements, tune in to an exotic summer vacation, and let you get lucky.

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