Shikhondo – Soul Eater is a Korean shmup that arrives on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch this summer


Digerati has announced a new intense shmup that will hit Xbox One, Switch and PlayStation 4 this summer:  Shikhondo – Soul Eater , developed by the Korean studio DeerFarm and published on Steam in October last year. Above you have the first trailer of this port , which at the moment has no exact launch date.

This bullet hell , inspired by Asian mythology, proposes a more or less traditional arcade in which you have to fine tune to survive the five levels of the game; beyond the standard game there is a Hardcore mode (which reduces the number of lives to one: or you do 1LC or shit) and a Boss Rush.

On a mechanical level the game uses a grazing system (like Psyvariar Delta, another shmup that is falling) that encourages you to get close to the bullet blankets to fill a special bar that serves to activate a more powerful attack that, moreover, It serves to get high scores, ultimate goal of any game of this style. 

It does not seem anything special revolutionary or innovative, but what you see in the trailer does not look bad and we are not fans of the genre to do much disgust at anything. The setting is also interesting: it is not as risky (or pretty) as Guwange, one of the basic classics of Cave, but it is refreshing to see shmups looking for inspiration in places other than outer space or fantasy waifus .

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