Microsoft confirms that Reagent Games is not working on Crackdown 3

Analyze Crackdown 3 in headlines shows the story of his eternal delay, postponements are not counted in months but in years. In August of 2017, in what should have been the approximate date of the launch, Microsoft confirmed that they would still take another year to complete the development and put as an excuse that Reagent Games had not yet managed to polish the ambitious experience that everyone was looking for. Spring came and they had not yet achieved it. Crackdown 3 was leaving in early 2019 with the promise that in this E3 we would see news, a statement that came to refer to Terry Crewsand his particular charisma pulling sense of humor . Something smells rotten and not exactly in Denmark. Microsoft had already regretted presenting the game too early , it was certainly a mistake. Especially now that we know that Reagent Games and the creator of the saga Dave Jones are outside the project.

The news has been confirmed by Matt Booty , head of Microsoft Studios, in an interview with Polygon in which he confirms that the project is still underway thanks to Sumo Digital. Reagent Games has not issued any type of communication and there are several websites that claim to have tried to contact them without success. The company’s Twitter account has been silent since January of the previous year, the official website is inactive and the studio only names three employees on LinkedIn. Dave Jones, meanwhile, is currently leading the Epic Games cloud strategy team and reforming Cloudgine, company that acquired the past January to support the multiplayer in Fornite.

Although at this moment little is known about the development, in an interview with Giant Bomb last week Phill Spencer declared that “there is still a lot of creative work to be done”. “The game is still far from perfect but we are committed to it.” Everything indicates that we still have several chapters to finish this telenovela.

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