Scrolls, the card game of Mojang, revives as Caller’s Bane

Scrolls, the card game of Mojang, revives as Caller’s Bane
More than one may remember Scrolls more for their delirious legal scares than for the game itself, which came to be the response of the creators of Minecraft to the Hearthstone phenomenon. The game closed its servers in 2016 , after several years in which they did not finish getting the community they needed, but now it has risen, in the form of a free game, like Caller’s Bane .

Mojang confirms that it is the same game with a different name, and that will be in charge of managing the community server. Both the client and the tools to mount your own server, if it is your roll, can be found here .

Otherwise, collections of existing cards are lost but the owners of the servers can choose to give letters to all so that everyone can play at ease. There is also no list of friends in the game, because the Mojang account is not used; it seems, more than a restart with commercial intentions, an official re-launch for very dedicated fans, a tremendously unusual movement and that, in my opinion, honors Mojang.

Already in 2013 you could hear about the possibility of converting Scrolls into a free-to-play , because the number of players that was attracting in its paid version was insufficient and did not guarantee a good future for the game. At that time the game was not even finished; when the final version came out on mobile phones and PCs, at the end of 2014 , the price was much lower and even then half an year later an update was announced, Echoes, which would be the last before the final closure of the servers .

At that time they recognized that “unfortunately the game has reached a point where continued development is not sustainable”, and did not become so at any time between June 2015 and July 2016, when the servers closed. This relaunch, I say, seems more pure and well-intentioned than others; At the time of writing there are 23 people playing on the community server (and in the last 24 hours there have been no more than 500), so it seems a little more intimate.

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