Capcom incorporates loot boxes to Street Fighter V two years later

It was written in the stars and had to happen sooner or later. Fortunately it was much later than expected: next Monday June 25 Capcom will deploy a new update for Street Fighter V that will add, let’s go there, the possibility of buying loot boxes.

The new system is called Fighting Chance , and they have even worried about justifying it within the game: Menat, one of the fighters, opens a fortune-telling store. And it’s a lottery where, paying 500 Fight Coins, we are given a loot boxin the form of random items to be used in combat in Survival mode in the form of bonuses and powers called Battle Goods. Some items such as classic Street Fighter illustrations and certain clothing sets will be exclusive in this way Fighting Chance.

Fortunately, Capcom has been on its feet this time and the loot boxes do not pose a danger to anyone’s pocket: the Zonny premium currency continues to run parallel to the Fight Coins that are won only by playing, and the Fighting Chance only accepts the latter, so that we can only buy those boxes with won currency struggling. And, this is also important, nothing that you get in loot boxes transcends online modes, so the balance is still intact.

Recall that the game came out in February 2016 and already included a system of micropayments (the Zenny) that coexisted with the same currency of Street Fighter V (the Fight Coins) in an economic system that received disparate reviews for the distribution of rewards according to I played. It was planned so that the first hours reported a great benefit in coins (with 100,000 you could buy a DLC character) by completing the stories of each character (10,000 coins for each, 16 initial characters) and survival modes (6,000 coins per character) but then the revenue stream to play fell to 50 coins per victory in the online multiplayer. The Zenny cost 1 euro every 100 and with 600 you could buy a DLC character.

The biggest complaints, however, came in the way of structuring the launch and even by the carelessness and lack of care in the menus of Street Fighter V in contrast to the excellent and very deep combat mechanics and its super visual section. “Street Fighter V is, then, an amazing mix of talent and genuine stupidity,” Pep wrote in his analysis . «A man fighting game more concerned to sabotage his premiere than to occupy a place among the best of the genre».

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