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This review focuses on first-person shooters for Android devices. Unfortunately, this game genre did not become popular among developers, so you have to be content with what is on the shelves of Google Play and the App Store. So, in today’s review take part, such games as Call Of Duty: Strike Team, Neon Shadow, Modern Combat 5: Eclipse, Dead Trigger 2and Deus Ex: The Fall.


Call Of Duty: Strike Team

Call Of Duty: Strike Team – this game was released not too long ago. The project is a collaboration between The Blast Furnace and the well-known company Activision. If you have not played the mobile version of the game, then you will be interested in one feature that was not in the versions for consoles and desktop computers.

Call of duty1

The developers did not just a shooter, but a tactical shooter in which we will not only fight and destroy enemy soldiers but also plan the actions of our squad. The game will be to the liking of those who love shooters, but not those who can not live without tactical strategies.

Call of duty2

At that moment, when planning for further actions takes place, the game is shown from the top, but even in this mode we can give commands to our squad and move forward. If you are noticed, then you can switch to one of the available soldiers and the game will already remind us of a classic first-person shooter. Thanks to this change of action, the game seems to be more diverse and interesting, so feel free to install it on your devices and enjoy.

Call of duty3

It is noteworthy that in the game Call Of Duty: Strike Team we are waiting for not only an interesting gameplay, but also high-quality graphics, excellent music and a lot of effects. The game is not cheap and at the same time the developers managed to put in it Donat.

Pros :

  • Great graphics;
  • The presence of an interesting plot;
  • High-quality gameplay – combining first-person shooter and tactical strategy;
  • A huge number of various missions;
  • Several game modes.

Cons :

  • The high cost of the game;
  • Availability of in-game purchases in a paid game.


Neon shadow

Neon Shadow is a great arcade shooter released by the famous company Crescent Moon Games. According to the developers creating this game, they wanted to get an action of the 90s. But this applies exclusively to the gameplay, the graphics and sound in the game correspond to modern games.

Neon Shadow1

In the game, we have to go to one of the space stations that have been infected by a virus, and now all robots living on it are not happy that an unexpected guest visited them and they will strongly resist your appearance.

Neon Shadow2

In Neon Shadow, we will find absolutely all aspects of a good shooter. Starting from huge locations with wandering labyrinths, a lot of enemies, a variety of weapons, excellent graphics and a good voice. In addition to the above, it is worth noting the presence of multiplayer, which is one of the best among all mobile games. But the game cannot be perfect, so the main disadvantage in it is – management. Unfortunately, it is not implemented as we would like, and sometimes there are serious problems with the movement and destruction of enemy robots.

Neon Shadow3

Yes, the game can not be the best shooter, but to play it is quite interesting, especially since the price of the game is quite low compared to other shooters from today’s review.

Pros :

  • Beautiful graphics;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • Multiplayer mode;
  • A huge arsenal of weapons;
  • Not a high price;
  • Support for game controllers and more.

Cons :

  • Not the best management.

Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

Modern Combat 5: Eclipse – a shooter that appeared on the shelves of Google Play and the App Store just last week. The game was developed by Gameloft, which means that you can expect a lot of positive things from it. The game is a worthy continuation of the series, which has existed for several years and can be said to be successfully leading in Google and Apple.

Modern Combat 51

The fifth part of the game was supposed to appear last year, but for unknown reasons, the process of its development was suspended and the game became available only recently. But it’s safe to say that the extra time that was spent on creating this game went to the game only for the benefit. Most gamers who have managed to acquire the game and have already been able to pass it, leave only positive comments, but, as you know, there are no perfect games, each can find its flaw.

Modern Combat 52

Modern Combat 5: Eclipse is a full-fledged mobile shooter with an interesting gameplay, a rich storyline, the presence of multiplayer, excellent three-dimensional graphics and weapon improvement system. As for the negative aspects, the players did not like the fact that the levels were sometimes very short, and the optimization sometimes lingers. There are those who consider the game to be simpler than its previous parts.

Modern Combat 53

The fifth part was not a cheap pleasure, but by paying once, we get a great first-person shooter, without advertising and shopping.

Pros :

  • Excellent three-dimensional graphics;
  • An interesting plot and gameplay of the game;
  • The presence of a full multiplayer;
  • A huge number of levels;
  • The unique system of modernization of weapons and much more.

Cons :

  •  The game requires a permanent Internet connection;
  • Short levels;
  • Not always high-quality optimization;
  • Low overall game complexity.


Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a veteran game that appeared on mobile devices in October 2013. But despite the fact that the game was released so long ago, many players continue to play it and enjoy a truly interesting zombie shooter.


The game Dead Trigger 2 has at its disposal an excellent three-dimensional image with a dynamic gameplay. At our disposal will be a huge arsenal of weapons, as well as many opponents, ranging from the simplest and ending mother bosses who will do everything to crush you.


The game Dead Trigger 2 is completely free, but in it we will find a Donat, which in principle does not affect the gameplay in any way. Recently, multiplayer has appeared in the game and now millions of people are fighting on the battlefield to prove that they are the best among the best.


Pros :

  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics;
  • Great effects;
  • Simple and convenient control;
  • Full story with missions;
  • Many diverse enemies;
  • A rich arsenal of weapons.

Cons :

  • Visible minuses were not noticed.


Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex: The Fall is a great stealth action game that was released back in 2013 on iOS, but for unknown reasons, the release on Android was delayed by more than half a year, but in 2014 the game was able to get to our platform and get many awards and the title of one of the best action games.

Deus Ex1

The game will take us into the near future, in which we will act as a hired killer named Ben Saxon. The mobile version of the game is directly related to the computer version of the game Human Revolution, but still there is a story in The Fall.

Deus Ex2

After the game was released on mobile platforms, fans of full-fledged versions of the game were perplexed, since the game, in their opinion, was not made qualitatively, departures and constant freezes on some devices were noticed, and the optimization in the game was not the best. Another not very pleasant factor is the overpriced cost of the game, which in our opinion should be almost three times less.

Deus ex3

Pros :

  • Excellent 3D graphics;
  • Thoughtful plot;
  • Large arsenal of weapons;
  • Convenient management;
  • Varied gameplay.

Cons :

  • Bad optimization;
  • High price;
  • The game was very short.


Final Verdict

All games presented in this review are worthy of your attention. It is almost impossible to single out one game from such a list, but, as for my personal opinion, I liked it the most: the recently released Modern Combat 5: Eclipse and the Veteran among the Dead Trigger 2 shooters.

You can also play all these games on your PC if you follow these simple steps. 

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