Motorola Moto G6 Plus Camera is awesome

Motorola Moto G6 Plus, captures photos in B / N highlighting a color

Moto G6 Plus

Manufacturers often introduce more and more options in the cameras of their smartphones. Some features fall into oblivion and others become trend like the popular portrait mode.

Motorola has integrated in its Moto G6 Plus a new way that allows you to make a black and white photo in which we can select a color that stands out getting a very colorful result. Let’s see how to do it.

How to use the Direct Color mode

Moto G6 Plus, direct color

It is not complicated since, in short, it is a way created to obtain that effect . In other terminals we can also get it but we would need third-party applications and retouch a photograph already made.

With the Moto G6 Plus we can see how the photo will look before taking it and we can adjust the color filter to our liking. Let’s see step by step how to get it:

  • To activate  Live color , touch Menu (9-square grid) in the camera’s viewfinder
  • Select  Direct color
  • Touch the area that has the color you want to keep
  • Use the adjustment bar to determine the amount of color to maintain
  • And finally, press the photo capture button to get your photo.

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