Asus Precog a laptop without a physical keyboard

Asus Precog, the laptop with two screens without a physical keyboard

Asus PrecogAsus has presented today at Computex 2018 a new type of PC called  Asus Precog . It is a laptop with two screens, which does not have a keyboard . It will go on sale in 2019. We tell you some details with exclusive photos sent to us by our colleague Jakub Motyka, a special envoy to Taipei, who is following Computex 2018 live.

Chinese companies such as Lenovo or Asus have been at the forefront of innovation in the PC notebook market for some time, with concepts such as the Yoga Book , taking over from Dell, HP, Sony or Toshiba.

The new Asus Precog is a prototype that the Taipei company wants to put on sale in 2019. It has not offered technical details, except the sample of the prototype operated with a loop .

Asus Precog

For the images, we can see that it is a laptop with two screens joined by a hinge, of an important size, 23 inches or more.

The term Precog tells us that artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to play a key role, since   Asus Precog is able to guess what the user is going to do, anticipating their movements.

For example, depending on the applications that we start, it will detect when we need a virtual keyboard, and place it on one of the screens. It is also capable of doing things like analyzing the agenda of the user’s day and adjusting the battery consumption to guarantee that it will last us all day.

In addition to its functions of machine learning, the Asus Precog surprises by the thin thickness of its screens. Here we can see it with the virtual keyboard:

Asus Precog

It can also be used in book or newspaper mode, placing it vertically. In this photo we can see its casing (on the left):

Asus Precog

The two screens can give a lot of play when running apps in parallel or allow two people to use the PC. As we can see in the photos, it also accepts keyboards and physical mice, to be used as a conventional PC.

Although it is a prototype, the Chinese company has announced that it plans to put on sale the Asus Precog, the laptop with two screens without a keyboard,  in 2019.

Asus plays at home in this Computex 2018, because it is held in the city where it has its headquarters, so it has put all the meat in the spit presenting revolutionary products, such as the first laptop with the screen on the touchpad.


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