Moto Power Pack and Digital TV

We received another snap from Motorola. In World Cup year, the launch of a digital TV module is not a bad idea. The snap still features an extra battery to help power the TV and charge your smartphone.

Moto Power Pack and Digital TV

It works like digital TV, so you will need to tune the channels just like you did on your television or digital converter. In addition, in the application there is option to save the schedule to watch later. 

In our tests it did well during the time we used. It is quite true that the battery of the smartphone is drained very fast. The PowerPack 2800mAh is needed if you want to watch a football game, or a movie. Using only the battery of your smartphone will drain it, so that you no longer have the average range of your smartphone. 

Moto Power Pack and Digital TV

It was sent together for the review of the snap, the Moto Z2 Force , watch our smartphone review . 

The dimensions of the snap are: 152.1mm in height, 73.2mm in width and 9.4mm in thickness. The battery is 2800 mAh.

Globe Play

The Motorola offers access to Play Globe for 6 months. Comes in the set a card to be inserted as payment method in the app. It’s another option for you to consume content.

Digital TV Snap Operation

For anyone who purchases any Motorola Snap, it is necessary to have a Z-line smartphone. Be it a Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Moto Z2 Play, Moto Z2 Force. In all of them, the module will work. Simply attach the product, which the phone recognizes itself and begins to make the necessary installations. It’s all very simple and handy, but it requires the internet to download the most current snaps and app management versions of this module. 
Once installed, an application will be added to use the snap.

Save Schedule

Yes, the digital TV app allows you to record the schedule. There are two burning options. Now, with the simple press of the record button, or else you can schedule a program to be recorded.

Simply press the record buttonSimply press the record button

To schedule recording, go to the info button.

Information button - opens theInformation button – opens the

It will open a grid option. Click on the clock icon. 

Here you can choose to schedule the recording, or schedule to watch. It is important not to close the application, because in some tests I lost the recording.

Once recorded, you can watch the generated files in the photo gallery. They saw normal videos like those recorded with the camera. It’s an interesting way to record TV programming, I get a digital file in MP4 format, fullhd, ready to use.

Speaking of programming, with the digital channels, you can consult the whole grid of programs of the day.


It can be charged separately. When unplugging your smartphone, separate charging works through the USB port, type C, on the module. You can check the load by pressing the button above the connectors.

Moto Digital TV – Battery Display

There are 4 LEDs that define the load capacity, when all are connected, the load is complete. Each led, therefore, sends 25% of the battery capacity.

Type C USB

In the snap manual, it is advised to fully charge before using on your smartphone.

Without hands

The snap has a holder, allowing you to watch the screen without having to hold the device. Simply place the phone on a surface, with the stem open and ready.

Moto Digital TV

Is it worth buying this snap?

The snap costs $ 399. Currently, I have not found where to buy it, not even in the Motorola store. For the price only the option to have a Digital TV in the phone, I do not think a good return, but in return, you increase the battery capacity of the smartphone at 2800 mAh.

Only the Power Pack snap costs $ 299. If you are interested in buying the Power Pack, in that case, spending $ 100 more will be a good investment. Buy Digital TV, just for buying, to watch open tv? Does not sound good to me. And you, would you buy a mini TV for your Moto Z?

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