iPhone X was submerged in river for two weeks and leaves running normally

The vast majority of smartphones arriving on the market today are certified for water resistance. However, this does not mean that if they are long submerged in water they will resist and will not be affected by it. Generally, the manufacturer informs the certification that accompanies the appliance and the time that can be underwater.

However, one of the smatphones that proved to be very resistant to contact with water is the iPhone X, that’s because youtuber Dallas, from Man + River Channel, recorded a video of his find in the river, he found an iPhone X that was submerged by two weeks in the river.

According to information from the site iPhone Arena, the river treasure hunter youtuber , after removing the device from the water, would have left it drying for three days so that the device could return to normal operation. Youtuber eventually managed to get in touch with the owner of the iPhone, Alyssa, where he eventually discovered that the device had been dropped in the river for more than two weeks.

That’s right, the iPhone X would have been submerged all this time in the water and when being reconnected came out working normally. It is worth mentioning that according to Youtuber information, it had no protective waterproof cap.

The iPhone X is IP67 certified to keep the internal components safe with 30 minutes exposure in the water to a maximum depth of one meter. Thus, with this event, this proves that the time in which it can remain submerged in water is much greater.

Now, if you own an iPhone X, it is not recommended that you do this with your device, you may not be lucky enough to end up damaging your device, right?

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