New update for iPhones will prevent police or hackers from accessing the device

Apple, after a legal battle with the FBI in the United States, did not relent and did not release any crack that would allow the police to unlock iPhones from criminals. The main reason would be the concern of the manufacturer regarding hackers who could end up having access to this tool.

However, many police divisions around the world have already been able to gain access to cellular data with specialized equipment. However, these equipment will soon become useless.

That’s because the iPhone in question needed to have been unlocked by the user at least a week ago for these devices to work. However, with the arrival of a new update of the iOS operating system, the company will decrease the time to just one hour.

In this way, the functionality that allows such practice must be in the system so that the user is not actually blocked by accident. With this decrease of time, practically an iPhone stolen or apprehended by the police can not be unlocked, nor even by the specialized devices for that purpose.

Now, with this short time of one hour, it is almost impossible for the police to work so quickly, even detaining a certain user’s cell phone and arriving at a certain place that has the necessary equipment to check the data on the device.

It is also worth mentioning that the iPhone has a security option, in which it is enough that the user touches the home button five times so that the smartphone deactivates the biometrics and only accepts the unlock by means of correct password.

But Apple has pointed out that the main purpose of this update is not to disrupt the work of the police, but to bring more privacy to the user. “We are constantly reinforcing the security protections of all Apple products to help consumers defend themselves against hackers, identity theft, and data theft. We have the utmost respect for the work of law enforcement, but we have not created our security improvements to thwart the efforts of these people in their work. “

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