iPhone X: How to return directly to the beginning of a web

If you use a smartphone you will surely end up browsing web pages with endless scrolling and when you want to go back to the top you have to scroll quickly several times to get to the top.

With iPhone X and its popular / notch notch we can go to the top in a matter of a beat avoiding this continuous gesture of vertical scrolling to reach the beginning of the web. Let’s see how.

How to go directly to the top of a web

Apple’s top smartphone integrates in the upper part of the screen the eyebrow or notch that integrates sensors and the speaker for calls. However, in addition to serving as a basis to capture the movement of animojis has hidden features like this that we comment.

If you have ever surfed a website and have slid down to the bottom numerous times to see all the content and want to go to the top from Safari there is a direct access using the notch itself .

Being in Safari within a web if we touch the notch , a full and instantaneous displacement will be made upwards . Did you know this shortcut? It is really useful.

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