Ginzzu RS9602 Review

With all its appearance, the Ginzzu RS9602 demonstrates: “Come on, try to smash me.” As part of the crash test, we will definitely try, but what a thing: a modern smartphone, even if protected from all sides, still has to work at least quickly and understand all current wireless technologies – the brutal body will not be enough. How is the situation with the new Ginzzu, let’s look at the review.

Crash test

The smartphone is shackled in massive armor worthy of the worlds of Fallout. We do not know anything about radiation, but the device is protected as it should from everything else (from impacts, water, dirt and scratches). On all counts, the device was subjected to cruel torture and steadfastly transferred them – with this, perhaps, it is possible to reconnoiter.

Ginzzu RS9602

The gadget was repeatedly (about thirty times) thrown from different heights, starting from one meter and ending with an aiming throw about the tile from about three. Of course, the manufacturer does not guarantee such experiments. Another gadget suffered a few strong jumps on the display and body strikes the corner of the table.

Ginzzu RS9602

It turned out two things. First, throwing away with a smartphone is a great anti-stress (if this is, of course, not a new iPhone, taken on credit). Secondly, the most fragile part of the Ginzzu RS9602 is the LCD matrix, on which small lighted spots appeared. They interfere a little, but not enough to think about repairs. On the case of polycarbonate with metal inserts there were small worn spots and dents. In general, the model has retained full performance.

Ginzzu RS9602

Dampers (orange in the photo) slightly protrude above the plane of the screen, taking a hit when the smartphone falls flat. The display is covered with third generation Gorilla Glass. If you constantly carry the device in your pocket with sand or keys, sooner or later micro-scratches will appear. But attempts to purposefully cripple the screen with keys were unsuccessful. By the way, the display also surely survived several blows to the corner with moderate force (a little more intense than when dropped from the hands).

Ginzzu RS9602

With regard to protection against water and dust, the manufacturer claims the highest possible standard for consumer electronics IP69. Six means that the case is reliably protected from the penetration of fine dust, and nine means that there is not only protection against prolonged immersion in water, but also safety when exposed to high temperature water jets and under strong pressure.

As part of the test, they redeemed the smartphone in the fountain, and also treated it with powerful water jets with fast switching from icy to hot. Do I have to say that this device was also stoically rendered? It is not surprising. All mechanical buttons are pressed tugovato and have a specific “soft” impact – respectively, under them are quite dense silicone membranes. All ports are securely covered with plugs. 

Of course, you can kill any smartphone, if you really set yourself such a goal. But in order to destroy the Ginzzu RS9602, you have to try very hard. The manufacturer took great care to ensure that the device became a reliable companion for representatives of the harsh professions, extreme lovers and those who like to tempt fate for strength.


Ginzzu was also worried about the fact that the user did not have to carry a power bank along with such a massive device (253 grams, for a second). We can say it is immediately built into the model – the RS9602 battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh.

Ginzzu RS9602

The official website emphasizes that “the smartphone practically does not spend the charge to maintain communication with the mobile operator’s network in standby mode . ” This is easy to believe, given that energy consumption with moderate daily use is really good. The system promises up to four days, but it is worth counting on two and a half – three days.


When it comes to more demanding tasks than chatting and surfing the net, the device shows a good, but not exceptional result. Video at maximum brightness and set to half the volume continuously played for 11 hours. The hour of playing World of Tanks on the minimum salary planted a battery by 18%.



The smartphone is equipped with a 5.7-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1440×720 pixels. That’s right – the trend on the elongated screens got to the protected devices (“Bang” so far, fortunately, has not grown). The picture quality is more than decent for this category of devices: the color rendition is saturated and natural, there are no distortions at any angle.

Ginzzu RS9602

You can find fault with the brightness range – the maximum is rather weak, so it is rather difficult to use the device in the sun. The minimum level is too bright to use in absolute darkness. However, the automatic adjustment adjusts the backlight intensity as expected, without errors.



The gadget works on the basis of modern Android 8.1 Oreo, which in itself is commendable. In addition, the manufacturer instead of its own shells or outdated “Google Start” loaded into the smartphone Pixel Launcher.

Ginzzu RS9602 Ginzzu RS9602

True, from the “Start” model got a functional file manager.

Ginzzu RS9602

The “dialer” is standard, it does not hide surprises in itself. But the updated “Messages” got a couple of interesting features – a dark theme and synchronization with the web.

However, the presence of a SIM card for sending SMS is still necessary: as you can see in the screenshot, the mobile and desktop versions synchronized with each other, but the message was not sent to the specified phone number.

Ginzzu RS9602

Intervention in the firmware is minimal. In the settings, the DuraSpeed menu appears that regulates the background operation of applications, and the “Intelligent Assistant”, where you can invert the location of the navigation keys, adjust the operation of the LED notification indicator and assign a function to the side button.

Ginzzu RS9602 Ginzzu RS9602

The last paragraph needs clarification. The fact is that the device is equipped with an additional physical key. It is configured to launch not only the voice assistant, but also any application to choose from. When shooting a photo or video, the key also performs the function of the shutter release. But for this purpose, in our opinion, it is not very conveniently located – almost in the middle of the left side.


Apparatus at work

In the gadget embedded quad-core MediaTek MT6739WW processor with a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. Ginzzu RS9602 is designed to perform basic communication tasks with a small margin for entertainment such as watching movies or casual toys. By the way, about movies and music: there is no headphone jack in the case, you will have to use a complete adapter with USB Type-C to 3.5 mm.

Here are the results the device shows in the “synthetics”:

Ginzzu RS9602

He will pull WoT on the minimum salary, but no more: even in a sparing mode, the smartphone gave out 30-35, at best 40 fps, occasionally there were friezes.

Ginzzu RS9602

The internal memory here is 16 GB, of which 9.2 GB is available to the user. The developer made it possible to expand the volume of the drive using a microSD memory card (up to 128 GB), but in this case you will have to abandon one of the two nano-SIM. The combo slot recessed into the case can be obtained without the “key”, just by prying it with a fingernail.

The model provides several options for protection against unauthorized access to personal data. On the “back” is a fingerprint scanner – quite thoughtful, but always triggered correctly. The FaceUnlock software function is able to use the front camera to unlock the device, and in the Smart Lock settings menu there are several more protection scenarios.

The unconditional advantages of the device include the presence of an NFC chip – it is nice to know that now and protected smartphones can perform the role of a bank card in a store and read information from a travel card.


In general, with wireless interfaces, the device has full order. The cell module supports all current Russian LTE frequencies, and Wi-Fi, although 802.11n standard, but dual-band, sees 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. Satellite coordinates are determined by GPS and GLONASS with high accuracy and very quickly from a “cold start” – within five seconds.




Ginzzu RS9602

The main and front cameras are equipped with Sony IMX219 8 MP matrix. The photos are moderately high-quality – of course, taking into account the fact that we are still a relatively inexpensive device, which is primarily “about protection”, and only then about everything else.


With night shots, the camera copes with the expected budget on the overall plans, but the presence of bright light sources on the medium and large plans unexpectedly improves the situation.



Ginzzu RS9602 is impossible to “kill” by accident. Unless to drop out of the window, and then – depending on what floor. As a bonus to security, a capacious 5000 mAh battery, a good hardware (decent display, dual-band Wi-Fi, NFC, USB Type-C connector) and pure software of the current version with useful additional functions go. You can, of course, find fault with the gadget – the CPU is weak, there is no mini-jack. And yet, the smartphone is not designed for entertainment, but for reliable operation in any extreme conditions (except perhaps for going into space).

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