Blackview BV9500 Review

f the lifestyle or work associated with extreme conditions, which smartphone will be the most optimal? It is unlikely that the main aspects when choosing will be a top-end camera and a powerful “iron”. It is more important that the device does not choke in a puddle, does not crash when falling on concrete, has worked for a long time, and generally inspired respect for itself. Today we will tell just about this – Blackview BV9500.

It looks impressive

The appearance of the smartphone is typical for this class: brutal, voluminous, heavy. In this case, the assembly is just great. In the hand, the device lies confidently thanks to ribbed metal ends and rubber inserts, but it is not easy to keep it on weight for a long time – still almost 300 grams.

Blackview BV9500

To open a tray with SIM cards and a memory card, you need to use a complete screwdriver. Onboard USB Type-C and 3.5mm jack. It’s great that the manufacturer did not refuse it.

Blackview BV9500


Good screen

One of the advantages of the BV9500 is its good display. It has a standard aspect ratio of 18: 9 and a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels, so there is no graininess at all. On a sunny day, the information is perfectly readable due to a decent margin of brightness of 500 nits.

Blackview BV9500

There were problems with tachim. They appear when two fingers touch the screen at the top. This is especially noticeable in games, because pressing is practiced elsewhere. On the glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the manufacturer carefully glued the film, though not very smoothly. But this is better than nothing.


Interface and special features

Blackview BV9500 runs on Android 8.1 with minimal interface changes. Most of the icons were redrawn and the color scheme was changed in standard applications. It had no effect on interaction with the system, but it doesn’t fit very well into the design of modern Android. Of the interesting “chips” there is a custom button to which you can assign the launch of any application.

Blackview BV9500 Blackview BV9500 Blackview BV9500

The device also has an NFC module (after all, Chinese manufacturers often neglect it). Practice has shown that contactless payment via Google Pay works fine. Find out the balance of the travel card – no problem.


Blackbox has an out-of-the-box Toolbox application designed to replace such things as level, magnifier, sound meter, and more. It is possible to even measure the pulse, but with the help of a camera and a flashlight. Accordingly, the accuracy is low, and the indicators change drastically within a minute. The remaining utilities are working properly.

Blackview BV9500 Blackview BV9500

The fingerprint scanner works quite clearly (about eight attempts out of ten). It is very unusual that on the lock screen the clock widget displays seconds. Fast access to accurate time with minimum units of measure will never be superfluous in extreme conditions.




Blackview BV9500

Blackview BV9500 has a dual camera module. The main sensor is 16-megapixel, but the real resolution of the second could not be found. In Device Info applications, as in AIDA64, it is simply not displayed. Although the BV9500 is not a photo-flagship, even with it you can get an artistic photo if you make a little effort. At least, good day shots will not be ashamed to show your friends.

Shooting in the early twilight. The picture shows noises. The bridge turned out in a light defocus
An example of a picture in the “golden hour”. The camera clearly namudril with white balance – led to yellowness
The same happened in this picture.
Shooting on a cloudy day with even illumination. Good detail
Edison’s lamps are not quite in focus.

The maximum resolution of shooting video in Blackview BV9500 – 1080p. The sound recording quality is not bad, but it is not written in stereo.



The gadget is equipped with a 10,000 mAh battery, but its actual capacity is about 9,000 mAh.

Blackview BV9500

Included is an adapter that supports Pump Express standard. It allows you to fill the battery from 0 to 100% in four hours and 20 minutes. Also, with the help of the BV9500, it turns out to recharge any other device, besides there is an OTG cable in the box.

Blackview BV9500

Brutal device supports wireless charging. It should be borne in mind that the full cycle takes more than 13 hours with serious heating of the smartphone. As for autonomy, then at the end of the working day with LTE and Bluetooth constantly turned on, the device still has more than 50% charge. When playing Full HD video at an average brightness level in airplane mode, the model worked for about 20 hours.

Blackview BV9500



In terms of performance, nothing special should be expected. The Blackview BV9500 is equipped with a processor Helio P23, graphics Mali G71 MP and 4 GB of “RAM”. This kit is enough for fast system operation, but the gaming capabilities leave much to be desired.

Blackview BV9500

In World of Tanks, at low graphics settings, fps is on average kept at 41, but it’s almost unreal to play at high. There are no problems with surfing the Web, you can open at least 10 tabs in Сhrome – there will be no brakes. If you work immediately in 3-4 applications, then there are no delays when switching between them. When viewing vidos from both the memory of a gadget and YouTube, the device does not lag, the content is displayed smoothly.

Blackview BV9500


The result

Blackview BV9500 is perfect for anyone who is not going to play heavy games, and whose work or hobbies are associated with dirt, dust, water, humidity or the danger of dropping a smartphone. The gadget demonstrates good indicators of autonomy, compliance with the stated level of protection IP68, as well as a simple and non-inhibiting interface, and this is what the “protected” users need. The bonus is a good “iron”, a nice screen and useful things like NFC and wireless charging.


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