DiRT Rally: PC

Another release of one of the most popular rally simulators from Codemasters Racing Studio. DiRT Rally retained a lot of already familiar in its previous parts of the features, it is still a highly realistic simulator with an inexpressible sense of speed when driving on high-speed sections of the route. For the most part, changes and innovations have affected the game content – a lot of new routes, a new career mode, even more, rallies machines and accessories to them, new options for tuning and improving all the major auto sites. The evaluation version is not provided again and to evaluate all the features of this rally simulator you need to download DiRT Rally from our site and conduct at least a few test drives.

According to the developers, this simulator not only has a large amount of new game content but has undergone comprehensive testing with the support of the DiRT community – the total length of the path passed by the testers was almost 95 million kilometers. Despite all the changes, the classical approach to rally racing survived, the trails are far from ideal and provide perfect control are not capable. The roads are littered with ruts, potholes and other obstacles, coupled with high speeds on which most roads are traversed, such roads significantly increase the sense of danger, when even a short-term loss of contact with the road can result in an accident. Even if you manage to keep the car on the track, the time of passage such errors do not improve and are quite capable of preventing you from breaking someone’s record.

The new campaign consists of six rallies which in turn are divided into more than 70 stages. During the passage, you will participate in races on such surfaces as asphalt, primer, ice, and snow. Weather conditions and a variable time of day are also present here and if desired, you can learn spectacular flying in any conditions. In addition to the campaign, a new FIA rally championship has been introduced that includes three tracks and six special cars for them, offering a completely different style of piloting in which one can feel free to show their aggression and ram the way to the first place leaving behind their beaten rivals.

DiRT Rally

Tuning and upgrading of all the main auto nodes previously not shining with thorough elaboration are again revised allowing you to customize everything for a specific route. The physics of the behavior of cars on the road, in particular, the physical model of drifts and drifts during cornering, has also been changed. Management they do not simplify, but now the passage of turns looks more impressive. 

Installation procedure: 
1. Mount image 
2. Install 
3. Copy with replacement the contents of the folder Crack in the folder with the game 
4. Play

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