DiRT 3 Complete Edition: PC

Improved and expanded version of the famous racing simulator. DiRT 3 Complete Edition contains absolutely all released DLC including some new cars and tracks. It remains only to download DiRT 3 Complete Edition from our site. 
In almost perfect gameplay, very few changes have been made, most of it was in-game content – in this edition, you will find a total of 2 additional game zones, 13 new machines and additional colors which are more than 50. As a result, the game has a simple a huge selection of routes, game modes, cars and colors for them as well as 12 new trails. So much content can not boast of any game in the series: more than 50 cars produced in the last fifty years, twice as many tracks, even more, competitions and achievements.

DiRT 3 Complete Edition
All this works on the graphical engine EGO Engine Codemasters well proven in most racing games from Codemasters. Realistic-looking damage, both visual and damage to various components, reduces the handling and running qualities of the machine, the particle system responsible for the effects of dirt and snow, the ability to rewind bad points in case you make a mistake in piloting, all this is present in its entirety.
Now you have everything you need to become a virtual pilot and achieve a lot. In the process of passing a career, you will take part in the rally, rally-cross, time racing, freestyle-mode “Jimhan” and many others. Virtual opponents will do everything possible to prevent you from finishing first and provide worthy competition even to professional rally racing. Trails are located in Finland, Monaco, Tokyo, have several types of weather, including snow and rain – all this makes management difficult and worsens visibility, but no one said that winning a rally race will be easy. You do not need to be limited to virtual rivals under the control of AI, they can be replaced by real players in online mode or just playing in a split-screen. 

Key Features:
– Removed as unnecessary Games for Windows Live. 
– There are absolutely all released DLC. 
– Now work in the cloud storage 
– Also now work Steam achievements, collectible cards, a table of records and Workshop. 

Installation order 
■ Unpack the archive 
■ Run setup.exe 
■ Install the game distribution package 
■ Play

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