Crying Suns: FTL hybrid and Foundation came out on Kickstarter

French studio Alt Shift rendered on Kickstarter its project Crying Suns . At the end of the game developers need about 30 thousand dollars. And the goal will be fulfilled very soon. Until the end of the campaign there are 19 days, and on account there are already more than 25 thousand.
Crying Suns – tactical game with elements of the bagel. In it, players have to plow the dying galaxy as an admiral of the space fleet. The developers promise a deep dramatic story inspired by the ” Ground “, ” Dune ” and the series ” Star Cruiser” Galaxy “. The path will be long and difficult, and players are offered to prepare in advance for frequent deaths.
You can evaluate the gameplay with a free demo version . In it, the first sector of the first chapter of Crying Suns is available. And all in the game there will be six chapters, each of which consists of four sectors.
The game should be released at the end of the year on the PC, and eventually it will appear on iOS.

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